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Finding God in College
Christian Students
6th-Jul-2007 05:30 pm
"I didn't die. I lived! And now I'm telling the world what God did. God tested me, he pushed me hard, but he didn't hand me over to Death." - The Message; Psalm 118: 17-18

You know, it takes a life changing moment to really open your eyes to God and all His greatness. Last October I was in a car accident that, if I weren't buckled up, or God sitting shot-gun, would have killed me instead of shattering my ankle, and what's even worse, I didn't even see His Light even then. I was grateful that I was alive, but it was one of the last nights of Chapel on campus that I saw the scripture above marked by a random business card placed within my Bible pages.

All my life, I had lied to myself, family, friends, saying I was a Christian. I had gone to church, not every week, but enough to make appearances. I was even baptised on my 12th birthday. Well, I didn't lie, persay, but I esaggerated. I did believe that, through Jesus, I would go to Heaven, but I wasn't the Christian that I should have been. The kind of Christian I'm becoming by opening my heart to the Truth that is my Lord and His Son.

I admit, I've made some wrong choices in my life: who I hung out with, who I dated, and which paths to follow, and thankfully, I've hit this spot in my life where I want to become someone who will one day walk with the Lord. I now see the light that is my Savior, and I'm following closely so I don't get lost again.

I'm still not a perfect person, in fact no one is, but I finally feel His presence in my heart that was once empty; the above scripture opened my mind, and heart, that God is there for me, and He has saved me to do His will in the path that He has carved for me. And I am forever in awe of why He would want to save my life with the way I had treated Him before. I questioned Him, fought Him, and shamefully I hated Him after my grandfather died. But he still spared me to do His will as I go through this life.

Thankfully, my eyes are open to His greatness, and my heart it so full with His love that just needs to be spread to others. I've been given a new lease on life, and a new role for God, and I couldn't be happier.

(Sorry for the randomness...I just needed to express myself. I guess this is a Testimony of sorts).
8th-Jul-2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing with us! How is your ankle doing now?
8th-Jul-2007 10:56 pm (UTC)
Ankle is better. By last Thanksgiving, I was walking on it (against Dr's orders), and January I officially put the crutches away, and in February I got to drive again.

I was very lucky. I literally had the country's best Orthapedic surgeon working on my leg (and scarially enough, he went to high school with my dad), but at least I'm walking, there was a chance that I would lose my leg. I'm so grateful to God and the people he sent me to save me.
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