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Finding God in College

Christian Students

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This is a Christian community where soon-to-be college students, college students, and graduate students can come together to talk about their daily struggles, trials, and walk with God. Anyone of any race, creed, nationality, religion, sex, etc is welcome in this community.

New members: Please post a introduction entry that includes your name, age, major, and college.
This information will be added to the following on a bi-weekly basis:
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Ground Rules:
* No trolling. Users who troll will be banned. As of right now this community is open to anyone and posts aren't monitored.
* No SATAN RULZ or posts of that nature.
* Debate is allowed, but do not disrespect or degrade others or their opinions.
* Prayer requests are encouraged.
* If you post has a curse word, please use a lj cut.

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